Downtown St. Louis, Missouri office market rents about the same as it did in 1985

Rents at the major Class A office buildings in downtown St. Louis in 2008 are the same, or very similar, to the rents paid twenty-five years ago in 1985. As St. Louis recovers from several corporate acquisitions major cities, corporate relocations coming out of St. Louis, and a struggling revival of trendy residential urban living, commercial real estate housing corporations […]

Planning a Fantasy Football Draft Package in Las Vegas

So what is the perfect destination for your football season to start off with a boom? How about taking a trip to Las Vegas for a fantasy football draft party or just a weekend getaway for that week’s NFL matchups? Regardless of whether it’s qualifying everyone’s lineups for this year’s fantasy league or just enjoying a weekend with your soccer […]

Flourish on your achievements

Recently, a student asked me, “How can I prosper in my achievements?” Too often we forget or take our achievements lightly. Even people who have accomplished a lot in their lives often do not recognize themselves for the goals they achieve or the good things they do. “Oh that,” they say, “it wasn’t much.” In fact, realistically acknowledging our accomplishments […]

Say no to chemical detergents

Mother Nature cries out for help. We have used and abused our resources, and now we are giving them a slow death with chemical pollutants. But you can start to make a difference. In many ways and one of the ways is simply changing the way you wash, it can help reduce contamination levels. The environment changes and degrades rapidly, […]

The text telephony exemption

As we rapidly move forward with VoIP around the world, adoption rates are not uniform across all households and businesses. For example, unreliable access to 911 and the requirement for constant power backup have been obstacles for households with the elderly, young children, or people with disabilities to upgrade to VoIP. However, these obstacles are gradually being removed by alternative […]

When black kitchen cabinets can work well

Black kitchen cabinets are a bold option. In fact, they can work in a surprising number of homes, although they may not be to the liking of those who like a more traditional style. The key to making these cabinets work is making sure your kitchen can handle them aesthetically to begin with, and making sure there are no lighting […]

How to write a review to compare two or more products

How do you write a good review to compare two or more products? Before that, let me explain to you about the failure in most reviews today and why it is necessary for the masses to write comparative reviews. No one can deny that reviews play a crucial role in helping consumers make purchasing decisions. Consumers ask their friends for […]