How to Block Websites on a Belkin Router

The article is intended to describe the procedure for blocking unwanted websites on a Belkin router. The information collected here is simple and reliable. However, it is highly recommended that users follow and implement the instructions precisely to avoid facing common Belkin router problems. This will eventually prevent them from contacting Belkin router support for assistance.

Do you want to block certain websites like adult, advertising or promotional websites etc.? from the sight of your children or other users in the house? Most users prefer to implement safe computing for their children and other users in the house. If you have a Belkin router, you can easily do that. The guide mentioned below will help you block the desired websites on your Belkin router on your own and without the help of Belkin technical support services.


Connect your computer with an Ethernet cable to one of the 4 LAN ports (located on the back) of the Belkin router. When done, connect to the Internet and open your web browser. Type ‘’ (without quotes and as is) in the browser’s address bar and press Pay in on the keyboard.

Enter your login credentials such as username and password on the router login page and click the Deliver button. Make sure you write the correct information; otherwise, you will not be able to access the router’s configuration page. If you never changed your login information, it should be the one that originally came with your router documents. Please check them for reference if you are unsure. Since Belkin routers ship without a password, you do not need to type anything in the Key box, just click Deliver to continue to the configuration page. If you previously added a password to your router, please enter it to continue.

Click to select the Parental control feature on the left side panel below the Utilities Vault. The location of this feature may differ depending on the model of your Belkin router. It should also be noted that you should have subscribed to the ‘Parental Control’ service in order to use it. If you are in the follow-up offer period, you can use the service until it expires. Thereafter, you can subscribe to the service.

Enter your email address and password to log into the ‘Parental Control’ menu. When you log in, click the Modify and then click the Cancellations tab. Enter the website name (URL) you want to block in the ‘Enter keyword or domain name here’ box, select the ‘Always’ button under’ Keyword blocking ‘, and then click the’ button Apply’. Yes, now you have finished blocking the desired websites. Enjoy safe browsing!

Additional tips:

Make sure you type the website URL completely and accurately. Otherwise, the router will not block it. For example, you want to block Facebook’s “official site” in the “Add keyword” box and then click the “Apply” button. You can also type in a keyword like Facebook and the router will block all results that contain that particular word ‘Facebook’.

How to better prepare for court

Going to court can be stressful and intimidating, even for those who do it regularly. It can be even more so for those who are attending for the first time with very little idea of ​​what to expect. Not knowing where to go or how to act can only add to the stress of having to appear in front of a judge.

It can be difficult to know how to behave and act to reduce the stress of attending court and presenting yourself in the best possible way in front of the judge. This article will discuss some of the more practical tips for presenting yourself well in court.

First, go to Court before your hearing date. The Court is a public building and there is no reason why you should not visit it before the Hearing so that you can learn about the design and how the building works. You may also attend another hearing if a suitable one is available. Talk to the court ushers (court staff) and ask if they can attend a hearing. If you explain why you want to do it, they may be able to advise you on what is available. This will give you the opportunity to become familiar with what an audience really is.

Second, arrive early on the day of your hearing. Don’t try to arrive in time for your target audience to be early. This will give you time to find the room in which your hearing is taking place. You should also give yourself plenty of time, as the Defendant may want to talk to you about the settlement before going in. It is not uncommon for cases to be resolved before going to a hearing. However, if the Defendant tries to settle your claim, you should be aware that they will expect you to feel stressed and nervous and some may try to use that to force you to accept a lower offer. Stay calm and don’t settle for less than your claim is worth just because you are nervous about the Hearing.

Third, dress appropriately. You should always dress elegantly, as you would for a job interview. Remember that appearances count for a lot, and while in a perfect world you would be judged on your case alone, in reality how you present yourself and your attitude in court will have an impact on your case. Dressing smartly shows respect for the Court and the process in which you are involved. You show the judge that you are taking this matter seriously and that it deserves their time and attention. Dressing smart can mean different things to different people, so for the avoidance of doubt, don’t go to court in jeans, leggings, T-shirts, or blouses. Wear a suit if you can, or if you don’t have one and have no way of obtaining / borrowing one, you must wear a suit jacket at a minimum.

Fourth, address the judge accordingly. If you are before a district judge, you should address them as “Sir” or “Madam,” as the case may be. If you are before a registrar or circuit judge, you should address them as “Your Honor.” In the unlikely event that you find yourself before a Superior Court judge, you should address them as “My Lord” or “My Lady,” as the case may be. However, with that said, don’t panic if you forget the correct way to address a judge, as long as you are courteous and respectful, the judge will not be offended.

Fifth, speak appropriately. As stated above, it is important to be courteous during the process of speaking to the judge and your opponent. This will be a very emotional experience, but you should try to stay calm. Try not to lose your temper or get overly emotional, take a moment to breathe if you need to, the judge will understand that this is not an easy test. There will be water available, if you need to take a moment have a drink and try to relax as much as possible. During the Hearing, only one person should speak at a time. If you interrupt the Defendant or the Defendant interrupts you, the Judge will act to maintain order. You should not interrupt the judge if you need to report something to him while you are speaking and then wait for him to finish before speaking.

Lastly, be honest, if you can’t answer a question from the judge or the defendant, you should say so. If possible, make an effort to find the answer during a break in the hearing. However, it is unlikely that the answer to a question is not known, this is your statement and no one should know better than you. The questions that are asked will be important and affect the judge’s decision, so answer them with as much information as you can.

In conclusion, you now need to understand some of the steps you can take to better present yourself in Court and reduce the stress you may be in by attending Court.

Why should children learn to cook? Check out these great reasons for kids to start cooking

Children are more likely to eat what they prepare. By putting their own effort into their culinary creations, children will probably eat their own creations because they are proud to have made them. In addition, they know what is in the food they eat and that helps them make healthier choices.

The increased self-esteem that comes with completing a project is priceless. Children learn real recipes and real life skills when preparing food. From planning projects, organizing, and choosing the right foods to making a plan to completion, cooking is a great way to learn these important life skills at a young age.

Children have the feeling that they are contributing to the family and the satisfaction of having helped do something for the whole family to enjoy.

Meanwhile, children are learning more about proper nutrition and becoming more aware of the foods they put into their mouths. Plus, cooking and eating at home is fun, cheaper than eating out, and generally healthier, too. Kids can start on a rainy day, as cooking or baking is a perfect activity indoors when the weather is bad outside. Start with simpler recipes or snacks, like fresh fruit kabobs, keeping in mind the limitations for younger chefs. As children learn to prepare their own food and even breakfast and lunch, they will feel more secure with all kitchen appliances and utensils under adult supervision. This teamwork with a parent or sibling also fosters valuable family time and bonding. So these are some of the good reasons for kids to cook, enjoy cooking, and come up with great-tasting, healthy foods for the whole family.

There are great instructional videos on the web to help kids get started, including a group of kids videos for kids at

15 Questions for Hiring a Grant Writer

Here are 15 questions to ask a grant professional considering a job:

1) What is your success rate in grant writing? The best way to determine a success rate is to divide the number of approved grants by the number of submissions.

2) What are some examples of grants you have received?

3) How much money have you received in grants?

4) What is your primary area of ​​expertise in grant writing?

5) What is the main type of funder you have approached? For example, have you approached primarily private corporations and foundations or public government agencies at the federal, state, or local level?

6) What has been the main focus of your grants … such as education, health, human services, arts and culture, environment?

7) What kinds of expenses have you obtained funding for … such as seed money, curriculum development, and travel?

8) What experience do you have in the field of finding grants? What experience do you have in researching and finding funders to meet the needs of our agency?

9) What experience do you have in program design and development? What kinds of strategies would you use to design and develop programs at our agency? What ideas do you have for getting stakeholder input and building partnerships?

10) What experience do you have in writing proposals? What training or experience do you have in putting together an effective grant application and writing a compelling funding case? What training or experience do you have in analyzing requests for proposals (RFPs), including standard proposal elements (eg, problem statements, action plans, timelines, evaluation, etc.) and making a persuasive argument?

11) What experience do you have in grant management? What experience do you have in completing reports accurately and in a timely manner, ensuring regulatory compliance, and facilitating the completion of activities outlined in the grant activity schedule and evaluation plan?

12) What is your preferred mode of communication? Find out how they prefer to communicate (i.e. by phone, email, text messaging, instant messaging, social media, etc.).

13) What is your response rate to emails or phone calls? Find out in advance how quickly they will respond to emails or phone calls (my response rate is usually 20 minutes. However, I mention up front that I have a 24-hour response policy), how often they will update you on the status, completion schedules and deadlines.

14) How do you deal with problems that may arise? Asking this question up front will give you an idea of ​​how the candidate will approach problem solving. Ask for a specific example of how they have approached a problem in the past.

15) What are your expectations?

Kids chore chart: prepare your kids for the afterlife

Let me ask you three simple questions: Do you use the children’s homework chart? Do you always ask your children to do their homework and other chores? Even when you ask them, does it seem like those tasks will never be finished?

If your answer is a ‘No’ to the first question and a ‘Yes’ to the second and third questions, then I know how frustrating this can be. This scenario in your home can be stopped if you consider designing the children’s chore chart. This can be done by drawing up a graphic schedule of the tasks that each child must complete and the time for them to do their homework. Some examples of household chores include cleaning the bedroom, washing dishes, taking out the trash, or putting clothes in the laundry room.

You need to make sure your kids stick to it by putting a check mark on the child’s task chart every time they do a task. It is encouraging for you and your children to look at the chart at the end of each week to see what has been accomplished. Your children will learn to manage their time better if there are tasks that were not completed.

After a couple of months, sit down with each of your children to discuss the issues. Further reinforce the discussion by informing your children about the reward they will get after completing the tasks listed on the child’s chart schedule. This will make your kids aim to accomplish each task according to the child’s chore chart schedule and do their homework.

The reward can be a lump sum of money or any type of gift for tasks performed each week. The decision of what you will reward your children is at your own discretion. But if you decide to reward them financially, then you are obligated to make sure that the amount is spent properly. By doing so, you train them to be financially smart. As a general rule of thumb, 50 cents for each child’s age works well as a reward. This means that an eight-year-old will receive $ 4.00 each week when each task on the list is completed. Again, be sure not to give any of your children this assignment if there is any unfinished work on the child’s homework.

Go the extra mile by creating a “bank book” for each of your child’s assignments. To do this, place each book in three individual money jars. This allows you and your children to do a simple audit to see how much of the allowance has been spent, how much has been saved, and how much has gone to help someone else in need somewhere.

In the end, you will find that the children’s chore chart schedule has helped teach your children the value of earning, saving money, being responsible, and managing time effectively. They also learn how to perform tasks and this makes them work hard. This prepares them for the afterlife.

Lewis & Clark Expedition – Difficulties and Dangers Routinely Encountered

Much more is said about the enormous success of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery expedition westward than about the difficulties and dangers they faced on a daily basis without a second thought. In reality, due to these constant difficulties and dangers, they were lucky to reach the Pacific coast and return alive.

Some of the hardships they endured were lack of privacy, routine illnesses, poor hygiene and medical treatments, boils / sores, accidental injuries, stab or gunshot wounds, falls / spills, biting insects (in abundance), poisonous snakes, thorny plants, bad weather, extreme temperatures, violent storms, hail, flooding, getting lost, stress, hunger, lack of sleep, exhaustion, aches, pains, encounters with wild carnivorous animals (bears), depletion of commercial goods and possible deaths.

Ten difficulties and dangers summarized

1. Without privacy. Camping and living outdoors. Also, tight quarters in boats, canoes and palisades. Finding the time and place for personal needs when not camping: for example, to rest, sleep, rest, heal, make or mend your clothes / shoes, take care of yourself to regain health, trim hair, mustaches, nails fingers and toes and have places to bathe and use the latrine if one exists.

2. Disease. Sores, boils, dysentery, gastric upset, flatus, sunburn, dehydration, colds, flu, frostbite, constipation, blocked menstruation, headaches, appendicitis, toothaches, mouth sores, dental problems, potential pneumonia, cholera, venereal diseases and smallpox. Also, poor hygiene practices, such as not having personal or prophylactic toothbrushes, can cause health problems. Also, certain medical treatments, such as bleeding, did not cure diseases. Also, her water wasn’t always sterile and Sacagawea didn’t pamper her baby.

3. Human conflict. Disagreements caused by stressful conditions: for example, by not doing one’s part of the job, by meddling in the personal affairs of a crew member, by meddling in disagreements among the natives themselves, by not understanding different cultures and their ways of life, by long and tense, or failed in the negotiation with the tribes, or by being too competitive with them.

Four. Be lost. By taking the wrong trail or tributary, by causing a guide to be confused by the ever-changing terrain, or by wandering too far from camp alone or without the proper arms or support. Note: a young crew member was lost for two weeks while recovering two lost horses.

5. Bad weather. Heavy rain, high winds, heat, sun, thunderstorms, hail, lightning, flash floods, river snags, weather-induced boat spills, rain / freezing temperatures (-45 ° F in North Dakota), ice / sleet / snow. Note: Clark along with his slave and hired interpreter and his wife, Sacagawea, and their baby narrowly escaped a flash flood. They had sought shelter from storms under overhanging rocks, but instead found a rapidly growing flood. Clark lost his compass, his shooting bag, and his tomahawk. Sacagawea lost her son’s crib board (rear rack).

6. Bad choices (only a few). By making poor decisions under high pressure or unfavorable circumstances: for example, by not avoiding known unfriendly tribes, by openly venting anger at others for many reasons, for example, lost or stolen property, by being jealous of friends / relationships, feeling insulted, or distracted from necessary routine tasks or the purpose of the trip.

7. Exhaustion. From heatstroke or strenuous work (dragging the keelboat upstream or transporting boats / supplies around waterfalls or rapids), from carrying cargo or game, from walking on the bank of a slippery / muddy / rocky river, from climbing hills / trees , for doing heavy work, such as, construction and palisades to seal the mud, or making underground hiding places and canoes, and for the loss of sleep.

8. Starvation. Lack of food in the mountains (they ate candles and foals there), lack of grass / tree bark for the horses, getting lost without food, weakened by food shortages when / where no game was available. Note: each crew member could eat about nine pounds of meat a day. Sacagawea helped the body with this situation by finding and collecting many wild edibles.

9. Injury. Cuts, bruises, scrapes, scrapes, cactus punctures, leg / arm sprains, broken bones, insect / mosquito bites (sometimes mosquitoes were so thick that they got into their eyes, ears and mouths), falls from horses, horse falls / tripping over the herd or rider, possible snake bites, prickly plant bites, pierced moccasins, sore and bleeding feet / legs, body aches / pains (feet / back / shoulders), claw bites / injuries wild animals and knife or gunshot wounds.

10. Potential death (accident, injury or illness). Falls from high cliffs and horses, disease, flash floods, river drowning, boat spills, sudden storms, or wild animals e.g. snakes, cougars, wolves, buffalo, grizzly bears (numerous close calls occurred during the trip). Notes: one tribe wanted to kill the body for its looting, but did not. Various other tribes could have defeated the body at different times if they really wanted to. A member of the body died on the western leg of the trip, apparently of appendicitis. Everyone else lived the entire trip.

Although much of the body’s success can be attributed to 1) its careful preparation beforehand, 2) its vast supplies to start with, and 3) its well-trained, diverse, and self-sufficient members, many historians claim that they could not have done that long. successful journey without the generous help of the Native American tribes they met along the way. Historians are right. The body could not have made that dangerous voyage of exploration without the help of the Indians. Still, the body overcame numerous difficulties and dangers on its own.

Does muscle burn fat? Fat burning tips to lose weight and tone

Despite our best efforts, it is still impossible to turn muscle to fat. You still can’t get a lean, hard body by building a soft, plump one first. But what about the other argument that is often heard? Does muscle burn fat? We usually hear this question and here is your answer.

Exercise is ineffective for burning fat

It is also a good job. If it weren’t for the first humans, humans would not have survived, as finding food was much more difficult than going to the supermarket. The energy needed to get our hands on food would have literally killed us!

A great example of the ineffectiveness of exercise is if you look at all the people in the gym endlessly beating the cardio machines. Not everyone is skinny, because not everyone has set their diet, and no amount of blood sweat and tears can change that. So you can use your muscle to burn fat, it just isn’t particularly effective, like shoveling snow with an ax.

Burn fat … or lose fat? Are Muscles Burning Fat Better Than The Right Nutrition Plan?

You can already guess the answer. It is not the exercise that makes the magic happen.

If the goal is to burn fat, the focus should be on the right nutrition plan. Many people get in shape without spending hours doing traditional fat-burning exercises. No one on earth will get in shape if they don’t eat according to their lean goals.

Once you have this in place and are in an energy deficit, all the exercise you do is a fat-burning bonus. So what you need to do is put yourself in a position to take advantage of this first. When you do, you can use your muscles to burn fat as an added benefit.

Tips for Using Muscles to Burn Fat

1) use intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a great tool for causing an energy deficit without the complicated complications of the typical diet and its endless rules. There are a myriad of benefits, but number one is that you will eat less and probably won’t even notice it. That’s a definite advantage, and there aren’t many of them in the world of dieting.

2) Fasted training

If you start your workout fasting, your fat-melting growth hormone levels will skyrocket and you’ll be leaner. Try not to eat anything for at least 2-3 hours before exercising. Yes, it goes against the constant feeding of the bulky bodybuilder approach, and that’s why it’s perfect.

3) use strategic cardio at the right time to burn fat

After an intense workout, your bloodstream is full of free fatty acids that just cry out to be burned. You won’t have a better chance, so if you can engage in some low intensity exercise such as walking or jogging for 30 minutes, furthermore, you are in the fat burning zone and you can really make the most of your fat burning opportunity to use your muscles not only to burn fat, but to put it out with a torch from your body.

These tips will help you make the most of your ability to use your muscles to burn fat. Just remember to eat right first!

How to tell your ex that he wants you back! Definitive signs that your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend hasn’t gotten over you

Do you want to know if your ex wants you back … why? Doesn’t mean ex in the past, it’s over, we’re done, I don’t love you anymore, or bye, I’m moving on. When a relationship has run its course, you have to learn to let it go, but saying that if there is a ray of hope it can work and it is what you both want, go for it. However, before you get back together, take some time to think about why you broke up in the first place. Was infidelity (unfaithful spouse / partner) the cause? It’s hard to get over something like this and for some the past will come back to haunt them and the misery will remain in the relationship. There is no guarantee that the path ahead will be perfect if your partner cheated on you while you were together. Not everyone can forgive and forget.

How to know if your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend wants you back. If your ex is trying hard to get it and doesn’t show that he wants you back, make no mistake and make fun of yourself trying to find out. If this person loves you, the signs will show. Whatever you do, don’t misunderstand these signs because you will never forget them.

Signs your ex wants you back

Usually couples who break up go ahead and go their own way. However, if your ex remains genuinely interested in you, he still cares.

Non-verbal communication: It’s definitely a sign when your ex can’t take their eyes off you, but the question is, is it a good sign or a bad sign? Bad sign: They stare because they think they had a lucky escape. Good sign: They watch, realizing how close they have come to losing you forever. If your every move is constantly monitored by your ex and with a smile, take this as a positive rather than a negative. Maintain eye contact as it increases the chances of getting closer. If there is distance between you, say in a nightclub and they slowly approach you, allow them time by your side, as this is likely to be the time when they will regret it.

Circling: The law of average when two people separate, they will meet at some point. But when that at some point becomes all the time, and in the places where you least expect to see your ex, then it is a sign that they are not giving up on getting back with you. Don’t accuse your ex of being a stalker just because he shows up wherever you are. What this means is that they want to be around and protect you, but will admit it if confronted. Some repress their feelings and no one notices. Now that your ex has been shown to still care about their stalking antics, YOU need to come in and get them to open up. Why let the relationship suffer as a result of your stubbornness when your future happiness may depend on it?

Date: If your ex asks to meet for coffee and a chat, give him the benefit of the doubt and agree to the meeting. They obviously want to talk, but what? Don’t be scared that it is something bad they have to say. What other reason when it’s over between the two of you could your ex have for wanting to talk, other than wanting to reconcile? If it’s a spouse affair, then panic. Divorce can be an unpleasant affair with ongoing pernicious conversations and discussions about who gets what when the house is sold. Marriage dilemmas as such will not apply to you, of course, because you are single, well for the moment anyway. Your marital status will depend on the outcome of the meeting. If your ex offers to buy you coffee, it is a sign that they are not with you.

Sorry: If the separation was due to a small argument in which things were said in the heat of the moment, do not dig your heels into the ground when they come to ask for forgiveness. It takes two to tango. Maybe you said things that you regret, so if you have to admit you were wrong, admit it. An apology is a sign that your ex wants you back. If it weren’t for why else would they come to suck.

Other signs: If your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend talks about you with friends and family asking about your well-being and wanting to know what you are doing with your life since you broke up, don’t see it as nosy, but rather as a sign that I can’t let you go

Animals deserve respect as much as people

In this beautiful world, animals deserve respect as much as people. They have as much right to live as we human beings. It is our world, but it is also your world. So this planet belongs to all the creatures that live on it. However, many are against this notion, as they believe that animals do not have feelings or souls.

Will we have all the rights just because we are at the top of the food chain? Does that give humans the right to remove privileges from animals? Didn’t we learn our lesson through countless wars?

It seems not! Many people still don’t understand it, like a child who never learns. Animals have rights. And they surely deserve respect, so that they can live their lives free from suffering, abuse and mistreatment. A life is a life and must be valued. Animals cannot speak for themselves and that is why we have to be their voice and take care of them.

So protecting them is something you and I should be proud of. As individuals, it is our responsibility. All creatures have the right to be free from persecution, cruelty, captivity, exploitation and abuse by people. When we respect the welfare of animals, we restore the balance in natural preservation.

Animals deserve respect

“Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here and to have respect and love, as you and I do.” – Unknown

However, many think that animals are on this planet so that we can exploit, dominate, use and rule them. Many of us believe that we are above it all, but we have a lot to learn. However, there are also those who think that animals deserve as much respect as people.

So, I am one of those people who firmly believe that animals should have a better place in our world. They are sentient beings. We must protect them in the same way that we care for a disabled child. They both do not have the same conscious principles as us. But they still need to be loved, cared for, protected, and respected.

Blind to the truth

Just because animals can’t tell us how they feel doesn’t mean they don’t have rights. One day our sun will expand and that will be our end. However, we cannot move away from a fact. We are the people who are defining what criteria to value. But who gave us such a privilege?

In my opinion, I believe that animals occupy a special place in our world and some of them, especially our pets, become members of the family. They have no voice to speak for themselves, so they deserve respect and be saved. And I think that we as people should do that for them.

Of course, I don’t think animals need to rule human society. But does it give us the right to be cruel, kill, abuse, starve, torture, or slaughter other living creatures? It is illegal to kill another person, but it is somehow okay to hurt, mistreat, or kill animals. How is that less bad? Most of us are blind to the truth.

Arrogant animals and species

“Animals are the real victims on this earth. They don’t declare war, they don’t have weapons and they don’t want to destroy humans or impose religion. However, for some people, their only crime is that they exist.” – The SVB author

In truth, we are an arrogant species, which entitles us to be superior to all other species and to lower every other class. Most people claim that animals do not have feelings or have souls. They believe they are worthless, and are only here to provide food and necessities for us humans.

Since I was a child, I always rebelled and wondered why man thinks he is at the top of the food chain. We are not faster, stronger, or even brighter than many animals. Of course, we can reason and have a lot of intelligence at our disposal. But then again, we are also the only arrogant species that has so little respect and is hell-bent on killing the very planet that sustains our lives. So, to me, this kind of intelligence looks more like stupid.

Animals have feelings

Despite all the things that happen in our world, our lack of consideration and awareness in this matter shows that we are not as evolved as we should be. It begins by paying equal attention to animals and to our fellow human beings. Some people are now trying to wake up to these facts, but we still have a long way to go.

So all animals deserve respect because they can suffer and feel pain in the same way and to the same degree as you and me. They may feel happiness, pain, fear, pleasure, care, sadness, loneliness, and motherly love. They understand more than we give them credit for.

Animals are living creatures too. I don’t understand why people feel better. Humanity would be nowhere if animals did not exist in this world. The truth is that killing an animal is as bad as killing a human, it is murder. Killing an insect by accident is okay, but a herd of cows or a pride of lions is not okay. I often believe that people are equal to, if not inferior, than other animals.

The most disrespectful of all animals

We have the power to think, visualize, and invent things, and it’s what made humans thrive in the first place. It is such an incredible ability. And yes, human beings have imagination, but we also have self-awareness. So we have the ability to reflect on our existence. However, we should have more integrity and compassion.

In fact, we are the most sophisticated animals in this world, but the most disrespectful. We can speak different languages, cook, create things, drive a car or fly an airplane, and even discuss all kinds of situations. However, I ask you: “If we are more intelligent and have a greater capacity for thought, why are we acting with such disrespect towards this planet and the animals that live on it?”

Therefore, the world would be much better off without our silly ways of thinking that we are the best on the planet. And yet we act like idiots and treat animals like they are things! No matter what you say, people are animals on the inside. We hunt, we fight, we multiply, we group, we live, like any other animal, and sometimes even in a worse way.

Animals are not things

However, through our experiences, we know that animals suffer pain and suffering. Scientifically, we increasingly realize that many of them exhibit intelligent behaviors. It is unacceptable to think that another person is less because of their skin color or gender. Therefore, it is unfair to treat animals disrespectfully. Instead, they deserve as much respect as you and I, if not more.

On this beautiful planet, we are the lead species. Therefore, we have a moral responsibility to protect the interests of all other life forms on this earth. And it begins by accepting them as equals. Animals are not bears to exploit; They are not toys or things. They are living creatures, just like you and me. For me, it is not whether animals can think or speak, but rather about “Many are suffering.”

“I hope that one day the time will come when men see the killing and harm of animals as they now see the killing of men.” – A wish from Leonardo da Vinci.

A final word about animals

Have you seen how factory farms or slaughterhouses did their feats? What if it had glass walls? Could you still be able to look them in the eye and tell them that you can’t see the pain they are enduring? I can not.

I worked as a veterinarian’s assistant. And sometimes, she had to look into their eyes before she left them. They have feelings. So I decided to quit smoking and find a better way to help them!

As a result, I believe that animals deserve the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life. People are not better because they use tools or are brilliant. And it is intolerable to exploit innocent creatures, sometimes in very cruel ways. They can feel and, at some point, think like us. So animals deserve respect as much as we do. Let’s start now.

Top 5 Reasons We Love Retro Games

# 5. Games were simpler in the past.

Video games have undoubtedly become more ambitious and impressive in recent years. When you look at the likes of The Last Of Us, it’s impossible to overstate how far video games have come since people played Pong forty-odd years ago. But despite all the innovations within the medium, and all the new fad ideas and increasingly elaborate control schemes, there is something to be said for how much simpler things were in the games we played as children. .

Today’s games can be difficult for people without the muscle memory that comes from years of dedicated games. Give your mom or dad a PS4 controller and if they’re like mine, they’ll spend half their time playing looking down, trying in vain to remember where all the buttons are. Use the left analog stick to walk, hold X to jog, or tap X to run. L2 is aiming and R2 is shooting, but R1 becomes shooting if you’re driving because in a car R2 is the throttle. R3 (that’s when you click the right analog stick) allows you to look back and to open the menu you need to hold down the touchpad. And that’s just part of the control scheme for Grand Theft Auto 5, one of the best-selling games of all time.

Even for seasoned veterans, the increasing complexity of the games can become a hindrance. Super Mario World is still as intuitive as it was in 1990 because the inherently simple design and play-and-play nature made it timeless. You can give the controller to a child who has never played a Mario game and in a few seconds they will have figured out how to play. This simplicity is an attractive concept, which is almost certainly part of the reason that retro games like Shovel Knight and Axiom Verge are so popular today. The easier a game is to play, the more inclusive and immediate the fun will be. Retro games have that in abundance, and that’s why I keep playing Super Mario World twenty-six years after launch.

# 4. Retro games have better music.

As game production values ​​have risen over the years, we have seen the average change in many ways. We made the leap to 3D, now we have elaborate voice acting and cut scenes that tell complicated stories that rival those seen on television or on the big screen. Today’s games feature fully orchestrated scores or soundtracks with popular music that are just as impressive as what we’d see in other media, but it seems we’ve lost something along the way too.

I can still hum the Treasure Island Dizzy theme song on the Commodore 64. I’ve been playing that game almost thirty years ago and haven’t played it since (and I’ve never won it yet, damn it) but I can still remember the theme song that sounds in the background in its entirety. I played games last week and couldn’t even tell you if they had music.

Due to the simplicity of the early games and without the voice acting to tell a story, the music had to be good. Aside from a few horrible sound effects, the game’s music was the only auditory stimulation the games provided. There are still great game soundtracks today, but they seem few and far between compared to the games of my youth. Mega Man, Castlevania, early Final Fantasy games, and iconic titles like Zelda, Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog all featured highly memorable tunes that stick with us long after we last played them. I still remember how the music of the Commodore 64 classic Prince Clumsy changes when you save the princess at the end of the game like she was playing it yesterday. We can’t really say that about Shadow of Mordor, can we?

# 3. Games used to work out of the box.

One thing that the games of yesteryear certainly did better than the games of today is that, well, they worked. You’d think it should be a pretty foundational aspect of any product released, but it’s truly amazing how many games in 2016 are shipped broken, requiring days or weeks of server tweaks for multiplayer to work, or a huge day one. patches to correct all the errors that appeared on the disc. Nowadays, if you don’t have a decent internet connection at home, some games are really unplayable and many others are seriously hampered.

Street Fighter V launched earlier this year, and Capcom promised that the single-player Arcade mode, a staple of the series, would be available for download in July. What if you don’t have an internet connection? Well then you have half a game. That’s not a problem we faced when Street Fighter II launched on the SNES in 1991. Back then, we didn’t have the internet to act as a safety net for developers. The games had to work out of the box.

Going back and playing Global Gladiators today is as simple as placing the cartridge in your Genesis and turning it on. It works now as it did then; exactly as it should and without any problems. This is one of the many good things about retro games; If you have the game and the hardware, you are good to go. No need to download drivers, updates or patches. You put the game on and then you play. As you should.

# 2. Games used to be more of a challenge.

Today, anyone who keeps up with the latest trends in games is likely to be aware of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and the reputation these games have for punishing difficulty. Gamers flocked to the Souls series, excited to play a title that challenged them and refused to hold their hands. There are no extended tutorial sections. There is little help. You cannot pause. And every enemy can mince you unless you learn their attack patterns and act accordingly. It’s exciting that a game provides us with an uphill fight like this, but I’m old enough to remember a time when every game was like this. And worst.

Modern games tend to explain things to the player, often to an almost insulting degree. Putting a disc in a PS4 in 2016 means waiting for the install, then the day one patch, and then when you finally have a controller in your hand, you spend the next two hours going through the early stages of the game like a kid. your first day of school. Everyone likes a little help from time to time, but there’s something to be said for simply being thrown to the bottom and told to sink or swim.

# 1. Nostalgia

Nostalgia may seem like an avoidance response; after all, looking back in rose-tinted glasses is often what fans of all things retro are criticized for. It’s easy to dismiss nostalgia as a way to justify the view that everything was much better back in the day, but the truth is that nostalgia is an immensely powerful agent and should not be ignored.

Today, we watch junk movies and regret the obvious use of CGI, but we will gladly sit down to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark and not bother to mention that the Nazi melting at the end looks like he’s made of clay. We listen to the hideous pop music of our youth with a thoughtful smile on our faces as we lift our noses at the latest Justin Bieber video. And we’ll talk about Final Fantasy VII as if it’s the second coming of Christ, completely ignoring all of the game’s flaws that we’d hang a modern game to dry for. Nostalgia is a strong enough influence to make us believe that Sonic the Hedgehog was really good. That is serious.

The reason many of us like to play old games is simply because of the feeling we get from playing them. I have played hundreds, if not thousands of games in my time as a gamer. And I’m smart enough to know that in that time video games have improved in almost every way. But that doesn’t change the fact that if I load up Street Fighter II I remember the days when I would play it during summer school break with all my friends. I remember the day I finished Toejam and Earl with my brother every time I hear the first few bars of their ridiculously funky theme song. And I remember the dizzying excitement we had when we had the deaths working for the first time in Mortal Kombat II.

Playing old games, like watching old movies or listening to old albums, takes us back to a time in the past that we like to remember. Whether they are memories of old friends, loved ones, people we see every day or have lost touch, every old game we load is a window into the past and that is special. The latest Call of Duty will never compete with that.